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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I See Right Through Me

from the top
of the ferris wheel
i can see my house
and all of those finger smudges,
those sticky, innocent little imperfections
the same ones that drive me crazy at ground level,
somehow when i see them from up here, from this lofty perspective,
they give the edginess of my world a more blended, softer focus
and i realize that they are a beautiful and essential part of my surroundings.

Peace ~ Writer Rene

lovely, Rene...yeah, you blend...
hang this on the fridge, toots, the ride is over.
and as pretty and precious as your words are, they do not clean the house.
plus, in order for you to realize the beauty of your surroundings,
 it is essential to be able to actually see out of the windows.
Especially that storm door window,
there's nothing beautiful about bird poop.

Get Busy ~ Reality Rene

"Short Sweet Saturdays"


  1. If totally clear sightlines were the only point to seeing, then sure, wash the windows.

    But, making the most of what you see, is that not more fun? :)

  2. You MAKE me smile, Rene...From sweeping poetry to the humorous mundane--you demonstrate in both your extraordinary versatility as a writer! Terrific!

    I especially love the Ferris Wheel image...I'm going to be riding that one for the rest of the week :-) After all, I prefer to ignore the smudges ;-) Think I'll take off my reading glasses...what I can't see won't disturb me,(laughing). ~Janine XO

  3. ha. love the retort...
    nah, just open them you will see fine. smiles.

  4. Reality Rene is a party pooper.

  5. Sounds like the inside of my own head!

    We should stop talking to ourselves, Rene, and go have a margarita.


  6. Reality Rene is forever the designated driver for the SS Rene

    And although Writer Rene is a barrel of monkeys..we just can't let her steer :)

    Shhh...we let her pretend like she is though

  7. Pearl said pretty much exactly what I was going to.

    This has happened before...

    Hugs and Irene Cara,

    p.s. Bet she has never used THAT salutation ;)

  8. Love the sentiment. It's a peace-rene-ful way of looking at and appreciating your world. I hate that you topped it off with a self-critique, but you do what you gotta do.

  9. Casey,
    it was kinda meant to be a
    but that struggle really did go on this afternoon inside my head :)

    It's hard dividing up the time between what you want to do and what you need to do.

    I just wanted to convey that struggle in a humorous way

    Peace ~ Rene

  10. busy, busy, busy!!!

    Yes, wench-- get thus!!!

  11. Hey Swanny!
    Excuse me...
    It's Mz. Wench...

  12. we are the lucky ones
    for knowing all sides
    of Rene~



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