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Saturday, April 17, 2010

And then the girl in the pink sundress said,

I swear when that big beautiful sun came out...
I simply swooned!
Ohh, I just stared at it, with my eyes wide open...
like I was lookin' at some ol' ghost of a Saturday night seashore memory
I shrugged off my sweater,
tilted my head and whispered to the sky...
Are you for real?
And will you stay for a while and sit by my side?"

Peace ~ Rene


  1. I like those memories, and the moon is what often makes me whisper to the sky. :)

  2. the moon would have made much more sense in this passage...but it was the sun ( and a lack thereof) that inspired this. One morning I watched the sun burn through the looked almost ghostly, It was so perfect, clear and circular. I could view it without having to look away...but it was just for a moment.

  3. Inspiration is one of the greatest gifts ever ~ nicely done!

  4. heres to hoping spring sticks around a while...beautifully written...

  5. First time visit! Loving the free verse poetry! I myself like haikus because I am super lazy and economical? No, just lazy.

    Your blog is awesome
    Free verse poetry = my fav
    I will be back soon

  6. To tilt a pale face to be kissed by the sun.

    I'm freckling as we speak.

    Come on, Summer!!!


  7. Love, love, love it, Rene! Short and very sweet. You are *good*, my friend.

  8. This is incredible!! I love it! With such brevity and extraordinarily tight writing, you draw me into her world entirely! More, please! ~Janine XO

  9. Thanks for the bit of sunshine on a rainy day :) Amazing what we find we have when we don't think we have much. And to think we're taught NOT to look at the sun... shame!

  10. Short and sweet indeed. Adorable.


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