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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

wrongs into flight

"Between rocks and a hard place" - Rene 2009

i said 
i was never going back
giving it up, getting on


shedding my skin
fooling you blind
with my little grin


that all i had become
was a more expert 


even myself 
before spitting
words into the wind

"From Behind Blue Eyes" - Rene 2009


  1. Rene, your latest is always your greatest! effing ROCK, Chica ;)

  2. I have to agree with Lynn, Rene. This is really, really good! Your poem rings true for me, too. And, I'd guess many others! Fear wouldn't be quite so bad on its own, were it not for its "buddy Regret."

    Peace and love,

  3. We all have our Fears, that's for sure. Somehow we have to find the courage to face them and challenge them or they own us.

    Great poem.

  4. Nice. Fear and his buddy Regret - I like that.

    You know, there was a time when I could have written the same words about my pal Jack Daniels and his buddy Jim Beam.

    But I left them behind, and you can do the same with Fear and Regret. The thing about Fear is that when you shine the light on him, he shrinks away into the corner. And his buddy regret will follow him there to keep him company.

    Keep shining the light on him.

  5. Ah, Rene. Fear and Regret. How true.

    Now I need the next poem. The one that explains how Fear lost his way to my place or something...

    You write beautifully.


  6. powerful...great as always Rene.

  7. Fears' buddy, Regret---hmmm, that is so poignant.

    Yes, well, I;ve faced a lot of fears as of late adn I'm still here. It's been hard but that fear doesn't hold the same control once you've been there and the thing you fear happens. but regret? Yes, that is so true. It follows behind in shadow.

    you are quite the dancer at the ball btw. thank you so much. I had a wonderful time. ...and yes, the trail of crumbs got me out of the kitchen. LOL. you'd think i was 300# os something. Hahaha.

  8. Thanks everyone...
    I imagine Fear and Regret lying on either side of me, dressed in tuxes,arguing...and all I want to do is sleep...

    Aww...Mr. mmm...thanks for the wonderful night at Willow's. I hadn't planned on going but since you I quickly had to throw something together...

    inspired by this sketch...


    Peace - Rene

  9. You are so good. Are you a songwriter? (Did I miss that info somewhere?) Because if you aren't, you have missed your calling.

  10. Really great Rene. :) and i love that moth picture that is so COOL

  11. ...and after you pound out these lyrics, you grab your bass & flip on the amp, thumpin' out a modern-day beat to match your words.

    if anyone can reach her goals, her dreams, it's you.

    and sure... fear & regret. but that's just the mind & heart playing tug-of-war.

    a) decide
    b) go there, like you're wearin' combat boots
    c) keep penning these songs! poems! the crowd is bringin' you back for another! please!

  12. These are amazing, absolutely beautiful.

  13. beautiful. i think we all find ourselves in its grasp on occassion. my only regrets come from when i let fear win.

  14. funny sketch.

    And yes, showers are so much the same way. how true indeed.

  15. That's really a good win. Fighting against fear is tough.

    happy vgno!

  16. Wow. I think a lot of people can relate to this. Very nice!
    Hope you're having a good friday.


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