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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Peak Performance

We are pretty much near peak in Southern NH... so I thought I'd share a few parting shots:

"great pumpkins"

"we call it maize"

"take a bite"

"fall on the floor"

"none more yellow"

"fade into hue"

"view from my window at school~ Fall 2009"

"another view"

"show stopper"

"for the birds"

All photos by Rene~2009



  1. Thats exactly how I picture NH when I think about it. Beautiful piece of world you have there, ma'am.

  2. Just, wow. Absolutely beautiful... and so unlike anything here in the Arizona desert. Sometimes, I really miss the East. :)

  3. Gorgeous. Your view out of your classroom window is sooooo much prettier than mine.

  4. Beautiful. I'm a bit to the north of you, and up in the mountains - the leaves are almost gone up here now. We even had a little snow last week.

  5. LOVE the pics. Perfect for Fall. And Honey Crisp apples are my absolute fave!

  6. Nice pictures =]
    Now I'm in the mood for an apple...

  7. Beautiful! Your neck of the world is breathtaking! and those apples... wish I could just grab one right off the screen right now. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jersey girl...I'm slappin' ya back..yuk,yuk!! (just saw that week old comment..thanks!)

    So what's your costume of choice this year? Gotta entertain those kiddies! Luna Chick or Laura Ingalls Wilder (yes, I'm cursed with good memory..ha!) I'm honoring 'Lyndsey' and playing Dorothy...u should see these 4" glitter heels!

    Enjoy your beautiful view and colors ;)

  9. I love it when leaves change color it is just so PRETTY and the perfect time to take pictures. :)

  10. Beautiful photos! I was able to visit SNH at this time of year a few years back & it was BEAUTIFUL! It even made me appreciate the Fall color out here in Oregon more...we have great color, but it's mixed with lot's of evergreens, so it isn't as awe inspiring!

    Stopping by late from VGNO to say hi! Enjoy your week!

  11. absolutely beautiful pitures.
    maize it is.
    we have corn round these here parts.

  12. awesome, Rene!
    thanks for deliverin' the colour!


  13. Thank everyone for your comments...just a few days left of the color before it's gone, I just can't seem to get my fill :(

    Lynn, you crack me up. I don't know what I'm dressing as. We can't do that at school :( In the past I've been Raggedy Ann, a snow-leopard princess and Supergirl but I don't usually dress up anymore...but maybe this year...hmmm
    Take pics of those Oz stilettos!

    justsomethoughts-heh! I borrowed that line from an old Mazola commercial..ahhh you are probably a young'un and you don't remember it :)

    Thanks again everyone!


  14. Lovely, Mizz Rene - brings back memories...

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (who hasn't had much of a colorful fall here in Redneck Central - all the rain is a blessing for the lake but sends the trees from green to brown with no stops along the way)

  15. Wow, the faded one looks amazing....great autumn shots Rene....

  16. That maize is incredible in its variety. Love the photos. What a beautiful place to be this time of year. Hope you are ready for the snow and cold though. If anything, it will no doubt further draw out the muse in you.

  17. I've always wanted to see the fall foilage in the east...thanks, you saved me a lot of money! ;)


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