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Monday, September 21, 2009

Playin' In

Woke up to skies all graying
Sad song on the radio playing
 Want to roll over and hit snooze
See you tomorrow....

Let's just stay home and cut school
A day to forget about old rules
We'll make our own as we go along...
But we won't have none...
No we won't have none

And it would be lovely
Groovin' like a Sunday
Put aside your cares
For just today

Time for a selfish holiday

We'll build a pillow mansion
A top secret space to crash in
Don't have to tell nobody where
Why would we wanna?...

A do not disturb staycation
Members of the Hiber Nation
Hold all our calls until the Spring
Cuz we've gone dreamin'
Yeah, we've gone dreamin'

And it would be lovely
Groovin' like a Sunday
Put aside your cares
For just today

We're gonna stay inside
And play

And let the world alone today...

Peace - Rene 2009

webcomics courtesy of xkcd insanely funny stuff


  1. truly kick-ass! yes, Rene; we wanna stay home too!

    HyberNation, indeed!


  2. Love this...pillow mansion..we built one with our little son this weekend.

  3. oh yeah- great way to start a Monday!!


  4. Hi. Last Friday, I told my children to skip shool because I was too tired to drive them 40 kilometres south. I can only do that once in a while - tell them to skip class.

  5. I would LOVE a pillow mansion. Presumably sleepy music would be playing?

  6. Love the poetry.
    I still play tag and am trying to start an adult league red rover....

  7. Great poem and fun cartoons. A cool way to start the week. Thanks!


    BTW like the profile pic!

  8. I wish you would have been MY teacher Rene, sounds like you really get what a kid thinks about all day.

    Sunny skies in my neck of the wood today, think I'll play outside!

  9. So I'm hoping you're not just teasing and really playing hookie today! That's what I'm doing...but maybe I should get out of my pj's! Btw, check your e-mail :)

  10. Members of the Hiber Nation.


    Why I oughta...


  11. Do you write music? That was fabulous! I was dying to know the notes that met the words.

  12. Dude, you got it goin' on.
    seriously, it's time.
    you're flamin'!

    just awesome - the way your mind works
    AND how aligned it is with your

  13. SO FUN!!!! and i want a pillow mansion.

  14. Another wonderful poem. you have such variety.

  15. i look back at this in 2011 and i cringe just a little bit...
    i think the earnestness of this is what makes it so funny to me

    but doggone it, people liked it :)


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