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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Good Girl Blues

May I please? 
No, thank you!

A good girl
Smiles through
Bad news

Step aside
Fade away
You have
No shine
You cannot

A good girl
To heart
It isn’t the others
It’s all 
Her fault

A good girl
 views herself
As strange
She mourns
The features
She cannot change

She is b rok en
She is wrong
She does not
She isn’t strong
And so she...... fades
Into the black
Blind to the light
Behind her back

Good girls
Let the 
Define them
Their feelings
Deep inside

Not worthy
Of affection,
They deserved
What they
Never once
It’s not 
Their fault.

Peace - Rene 2009

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And that is something a good girl can feel great about.


  1. Nice poem, Lady. As usual, you Rock.

  2. Wow! This hit home, Rene. I was a good girl. Your beautiful poem is a reminder that their are still good girls out there that need to be shown that "It's not their fault."

    Thanks and peace~

  3. Rene, this is beautiful. I was neither good, nor a girl, so I can't relate...but I see girls all the time in my classroom with "good girl syndrome". They never seem to feel like they fit in, and I always want to tell them that it's not their fault, and that's it's okay to be who they are, but I've never been able to find the right words.

    You found them.

  4. I love it, Rene! As you know, I can relate all too well. Thank you! xx

  5. great, introspective writing, Rene!

    but Hmmm...
    one can be god AND strong, yes?
    i mean, that's how i see
    the author, the poet
    depicted here!

    i like to think
    that good girls win
    in the end. deservedly. fully.


  6. It's tough...because so often when women assert ourselves we're labeled difficult, divas, etc. But if we don't assert ourselves we come across as pushovers and everyone walks all over us.

  7. I can so relate, very nicely done. I love it.

    Have a good one.


  8. Wonderful poem, makes me sad. Your words are powerful, Rene.

  9. You've just made me very glad to be a bad-ass : )

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments, I wrote this for a friend who was dealing with some recent stuff...which stirred up some old issues. This was a way I could give her a big hug since I couldn't give her one in person.

    I am surprised and happy to have helped anyone else along the way.

    And I am sorry to make anyone sad, it was meant to shed some light on "good girl syndrome"...and hopefully serve as encouraging words.

    "i like to think
    that good girls win
    in the end. deservedly. fully".

    Me too, Chuck
    But would they even claim that victory?
    Or even recognize it?
    Sadly I think too many forfeit before they even get started.

    Peace - Rene

  11. You are a class act Rene. Great work.

  12. You should be writing songs Rene! Get the guitar now!

  13. You're a wonderful friend, Rene :)
    And here's to hoping all us Good Girls unite and rule the world!

  14. Hah Lynn!

    Good Girls Rule The World!
    That is if it's okay with everyone :)

    Peace - Rene

    Thanks JennyMac :)

    Greenfingers - I keep hearing
    that... hmm..

  15. Love the poem - gorgeous.

    Good for you for linking to Jessica's site. Her videos are hilarious and it's a good cause.


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