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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Doin' Stuff - Portsmouth, NH

The Memorial Bridge, Portsmouth NH
I am a geek for bridges and Memorial Bridge is one of my favorites.
A Memorial to the Sailors and Soldiers of New Hampshire who participated in the World War 1917-1919,
the Memorial Bridge spans the Piscataqua River, bringing US 1 to Badger Island, in Kittery, ME.
It is#9 on the America's Most Endangered Historic Places list.
A rehabilitation project for the bridge was planned for 2009,
but the project has been placed on hold because the winning bid for the contract came in $15 million over budget. Whoops! those were commas? The stalled rehabilitation project together with proposals to demolish and replace the bridge were factors in the inclusion of the bridge on the endangered list.
This is a view from the Portsmouth side. 

Constructed between 1920 -1923, the Memorial Bridge is a through truss lift bridge. It is open to vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles. Because of the open-grate decking,cyclists must walk their bikes over the length of the bridge.
This is a view of the bridge from Prescott Park.

The lift span can be fully opened to allow large commercial vessels to pass.
During summer, the lift section is partially elevated every half-hour between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. for smaller commercial and recreational boat traffic.
And no, you can't stand on the lift span while it is in motion.
I did ask.
The view from the far end of Pierce Island Park.

The gardens at Prescott Park

A view from the tree

This happened by accident but I just love it. 
It was "taken" in the garden.

Outside of the garden. 
 I thought the flowers next to the concrete, rust and chain link gave the picture a city mouse, country mouse kind of feel.

Fishing hole.
Mechanic Street, Portsmouth NH

Dock Railing in Prescott Park.
I just liked the way the wood, metal and rocks looked together.

Marcy Street, just outside of the gardens.

The sidewalks along Marcy Street.

Entrance into The Point Of Graves Burying Ground
Mechanic St, Portsmouth NH

Not exactly welcoming. 
And if you have ever seen "The Virgin Suicides" you know that these suckers mean business.

One of the older tombstones. 
Big difference from the kinder, gentler tombstones of today
But this is the Point Of Graves Burying Ground
It is what it is...

This fella was just chillin' in the burying ground.

Lobster shack on Mechanic St.
Right next to Geno's Chowder & Sandwich Shop
The best lobster rolls, anywhere.

Boats docked near Pierce Island.

Sign on The Pierce Island bridge.

The Pierce Island Immigrant Memorial,
Pierce Island Park
Obviously, a favorite hangout for gulls and other birds.

Hope you have enjoyed my little pictorial of The Prescott Park area of Portsmouth.
All pictures by Rene 2009


  1. Beautiful pictures, Rene :)Thanks for sharing them.


  2. Seems that a lot of us spent time enjoying the great outdoors today, Rene! Absolutely gorgeous photos. Interesting history, too. Bridges take on so much meaning, don't they? I laughed when I read: "And no, you can't stand on the lift span while it is in motion.
    I did ask." I would have asked, too. Thanks for a great post.

    ~ Peace

  3. Great photos--really take me back, too. My dad used to take us fishing off Portsmouth from time to time. I remember it as a great seaside town.

  4. What beautiful pictures. I'd love to know what was written on that grave stone.

  5. I loved have a great eye for taking photos!

  6. Your pictures are beautiful. I haven't been to Portsmouth in a long time, but now I want to go back.

    I love bridges too. I'm fascinated by the engineering that goes into their design. My degree is in engineering, so I spent a lot of time studying bridge design back in my college days.

  7. @eloh - The gravestone reads:
    In Memory of Capt Tobias Lear
    Obt Nov 6th 1781
    AE 45
    A wit's a feather and a Cheif's(sic)
    a rod
    An honest man's the noblest work of God.

  8. Brilliant pictures, great eye too.
    Thanks for the tour, looks like a great place to be !!

  9. Beautiful photographs, Mizz Rene...and a lovely tour of the town.

    Mmm...lobster rolls...haven't had one of those in seven years, three months, and a week, give or take a few days. Wonder if they ship well??

    Have you ever been to Canterbury, ma'am? That's where I lived, in NH - pretty little town...I knew the Shaker ladies when they still lived...I'd like to go back one day.

    Thanks again...

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  10. I love that accidental pic and the ones of the headstones!

  11. Hey - How did i miss this? You are my neighbor?! I did a Portsmouth post in the summer and had some of the very same shots.
    Nicely done, Rene!

  12. Stunning pictures. Loved your intro, had me giggling big time. Thank you.

  13. I would like to go to that garden!

  14. was the name of your project:
    "How Many National Geo-caliber Photos Can I Stuff Into One Post"

    Rene - these are stunnin'!

    my faves:
    the garden accident. whoa!
    and the lobster shack. but all are great - thank you!

    here's to a lovely week~

  15. Wow. There's so much beauty up there. I was able to visit Boston and New Hampshire a couple of years ago and the history was just amazing. I could move up there and spend the rest of my life taking weekend trips to various places!

  16. Love the "this happened by accident"...

    Nice pictures, Lady Rene.

    Wish I were 'stuff'...


  17. It's so fun to see these pics of Portsmouth and the surrounding area. An area I've never been to before. I especially like Marcy street.

    Thanks for taking us here.


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