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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A World Of Kitsch..Right Around The Corner

Ahhh, The Dover Flea Market....the day-glo footwear, the pan-flute guy, the funnel cake!
C'mon along......

Grab some grub! Trans fat free? Screw that....Just walk it off, the hot asphalt will melt it right out of you

My Little Pony Balls Yes, please ask how much My Little Pony Balls are because the street vendor has never heard that one before. Should you haggle or dicker?
Sweet ambrosia of the Gods...And then there was funnel cake!!!!!
A chart of the basic food groups. Where, pray tell, is the Toasted Almond?
Mmmmmmmmeat on a stick....fabuloso!
Sassy Bras Note the "It's All About Me" bra Because nothing says sexy more than a bra with tween attitude. Pair it up with the "Talk To The Hand" panties and you're onto a winner. Finally! I can have my favorite photograph made into a toilet seat! Finally! I can have my memories encased in plastic, suspended in a clear gel and made into a toilet brush w/holder. The "Like You See It On TEEVEE" Table Admit it, there is something on this table that you own or are at least curious about... Amazing Technicolor Dream belts.... Bright colors shining, wonderful and new...any belt will do! Awww.. the hot, the foxy,the fauxny...Couch, Luis Vutton, Burbarry... Oui, doggy! Mad Hot Footwear Corner Smoke Shop 1 has a very Wayne Wang/ Paul Auster vibe.. This building has a very Disney urban vibe...It's where the "Juliet" leading lady would live and she'd sing songs of unrequited love in that doorway. Her "Romeo" would sit up in that tree and throw pennies at her window... There'd be a big dance finale on that fire escape... Hello Disney? Yeah I can write this stuff.....err re-write this stuff and give it an edge that appeals to the tween market. What you've already done that with High School Musical? No, No, this is different, this is "Flea Market" it's an urban opera. No, not at all like "Rent", no the kids are pretty healthy and they all work at the flea market... Call me...... Hope you enjoyed! All Photographs and captions by Rene 2009 Peace - Rene


  1. I enjoyed a lot, thank you for sharing.

  2. love the blues and pinks. and flea markets are so fun

  3. Okay, I spent today at Rice's Flea Market in PA - and I'm pretty sure (other than the buildings) that all the same vendors were there.
    Just a few things - I was sure I was the ONLY person left in the world who knew (and loved) Toasted Almond bars. They're impossible to find in my area, so I buy one every time I go to NY, where they're sold at every corner deli.
    The "As Seen on TV" table? Uhm... I MAY have sort of bought the bra thingies, that make your regular bra into a T-back or whatever. Hey, they were only $3. My SIL bought the damn Pedi-Paw thing, the one that rotates to file the dogs nails?
    I did buy a belt, but it had none of those thingies on it. Just black with skulls and stars.
    Oh, and a really good knockoff Jimmy Choo purse :) You know they're quality knockoffs when you watch the vendor attach the tags for you after you pay them :)

  4. Oh, a little slice of home! I spent a lot of time in the Dover area, and of course, right up the road at the Rockaway Townsquare mall!

  5. Come to think of it, I've always wanted my turdlet, err, I mean toilet brush to be pretty.

  6. That's right around the corner from you? How cool would that be? (At least until I got so fat on funnel cake I could no longer round the corner.)

  7. Wow what a toliet seat! And thanks, I am now craving a funnel cake. I'm pretty sure that craving won't be getting satisfied anytime soon!

  8. Hey...I kind of like those toilet seats and scrubbers...gotta go now and find what picture I want made into them......
    Loved them!

  9. Sugar, you're too funny!

    And yes, I DO own something that was on that TeeVee table...those ped-eggs are awesome.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  10. Wonderful pics. looks like a you had a blast.
    The belt rack looks like my daughter's closet. :D

    Have a great day!


  11. I would so love to go to that flea market, my little town is sadly lacking in that sort of venue : (

  12. MMMM you had me at the funnel cakes. I love those things.

  13. Laughed right along with you through the tour. You're so funny! I like your idea for the Disney movie. ;)

  14. Of course you love flea markets, because we wouldn't have enough to geek out over already.

    My last thrifty find?

    A leather belt with a bad-ass heavy american eagle buckle in three colors. It's HOT. I wore it today.

  15. Did someone say funnel cake?! The bestest plate of grease ever! Hey, I just bought that b/w checkered belt..but on the streets of NYC ;) Hey, I was waiting for pics of 'balloons'...

  16. Love your pctures and the colours are wonderful. I love the markets, any kind of markets and everything looks wonderful until I get it home that is and wonder what was I thinking. To have these so close must be great!

  17. Oh man that palce looks like Heaven!

  18. Thank you all for your comments!
    Dover Flea Market never disappoints

    Peace - Rene


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