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Friday, May 6, 2011

catch and release

running barefoot
across the open lawn
of my wonder church
in hot pursuit of 
lightning bugs 
i am ten years old 
yes i am 
i'm just big
for my age
cupping my hands
i wait 
i catch 
from steepled forefingers
i watch morse code
freedom songs
i open the doors
and send back
to the night
her earth stars

~ Rene Foran

Friday Poetically


  1. Oh, how I love the little star-cousins, flashing their morse code "love me, love me, here I am", glowing semaphores of the evening.

    The wonder on my son's face when he coaxes one to land on his finger is a treasure. Thanks for the reminder of that sweetness.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  2. I love this one! I never saw a firefly until I was 29 and I find them magical, every summer since.

  3. There's a real simple truth here, really living is about wonder, and the time for wonder is always upon us, it;s never too late to feel it.

    Really sweet Rene, you took me back and brought me forward all at once.

    we call them fire-flies : )

  4. I love this! It really made me smile and it almost made me cry, I don't know how to explain it. It is wonderful! Your work is always so pleasantly surprising! ~Susan

  5. You are an inspiration........ ( but I'd like a peek inside your brain.... So I could see how a "real" brain looks..... mine is full of wisecracks.... and lots of "Ben& Jerry's".....)

    I left you something over on my blog.....

  6. you are
    the best of
    all worlds...
    a woman-child woman.

    with a great imagination.
    and zest. and creativity.

    your moment is also now.

  7. Firefly means so much to so many people in their lives. it lights up my life when the light goes off. Just wonder how bright the light can be with that tiny body when the night is dark.

  8. Thank you so much for including my drawing with this poem. It is a wonderful poem and I feel honored to have my artwork accompanying it!

  9. Such a delightful image you paint--I love "wonder church"!

  10. smiles. this is lovely...i love catching fireflies! even if i am no longer stars...nice...

  11. Oh, this is stunning in simplicity and in depth - in the capturing and release of fire fly, you've caught the child and freed her. Beautiful poem!

  12. I remember those! What a fun time, fascinating trying to figure out how they lit up. :( We don't have them here in Calif.

  13. you seem to have done well. #enjoyed.

  14. Great memories of chasing down lightning bugs. Loved the movement of the piece. Great clear voice. Skill.

  15. Lovely illustration of the innocent joys of childhood.

    Anna :o]

  16. Lovely. If I could go back there for just a moment, just a breath. Lovely.

  17. honestly, my favorite sub-sub-genre is poems about fireflies. this is beautiful, rene.

  18. You make me proud to be a pagan, dear.

  19. Brought me back to summer nights as a kid. Thanks. Great write!

  20. "glow little glow worm, glimmer...shine now, don't get dimmer!"

    Oops, I meant fireflies! This was sweet and magical, Rene.

  21. I wish I had written this. 'Nuff said.

  22. So glad you sent back her earth stars...what a lovely way to view lightening bugs....dreamlike write..bkm

  23. It's a warm summer night when the fireflies take flight.

    Nice One Shot.

  24. A simple and lovely, lighthearted image Rene.

  25. This is a delightful read it! :-)

  26. Love it...makes me feel like a little girl again :)

  27. We all desperately need to let our inner child go more often and enjoy life. I love the artwork and am on my way to her blog to check it out. Lovely post.

  28. lovely reflection..

    well done.

    check out short story slam and welcome your submission.

  29. Whimsical flow and development, enjoyed the last 3 lines especially. Wonderful write ~ Rose


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