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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beautiful Long Beach Island

"Irresistible" Surf City, NJ
"Hydrangea On The Beach", Surf City NJ "Beach Walk" Surf City, NJ

"Fences Beyond Fences" Surf City, NJ

"H2O" Surf City, NJ

"One foot, Two foot " Surf City, NJ

"Quitting Time" Surf City, NJ


  1. These are gorgeous Rene, did you take them??

  2. Rene, beautiful scenes! Are those your little one's footprints? The water looks a little too Brrr!

  3. Hydrangeas on the beach? Wow! I would have thought it to be too sunny for them. They only make it in GA in the shade or partial shade.

    Gorgeous pictures and great captions, too.

  4. just lovely!
    very glad to see shadows del sol!
    send me some!


  5. Ha! And all this time I thought Surf City was in California.

    Beautiful pics Rene. I love hydrangeas, have tried to grow them but they always expire (I like that word better than die). The beach walk is a great pic.

  6. Heh. I thought all of NJ looked like Newark.

    Thanks for righting that wrong impression.


  7. I've never even heard of Newark, but I thought NJ was a big concrete jungle.
    I stand happily corrected.

    Your post title matches your pictures perfectly.

    Ciao Baby

  8. Beautiful pictures. The Hydrangea shots are really pretty. I really like the shot of the footprints.

    Thanks for sharing the photos :D


  9. SWEET! Looks like a piece of heaven!

  10. Sorry I haven't visited in a while, but I promise to become a regular again. Great photographs. I really like those footprints.

  11. Thanks all for your comments I hope you all had a fun time on the beach!

    The water was perfect!

    All of the photography is my own and yes those hydrangea are on the beach, right before the beach walk

    There is so much more to NJ than the Newark Airport, The Sopranos refineries and the much more...

    Sending sunshine your way...

    Peace - Rene

  12. I am SO needing the beach.........

  13. I have been to this beach and had big fun. Those flowers are perfect. Great pics Rene.

  14. You are making me want to jump in a car and head straight to Jersy. And no one is more surprised I am saying that than me. ;)

  15. Ahh...I fell relaxed jsut looking at it.

  16. Oh these photos are wonderful - I am craving the beach. you ahve a wonderful eye Rene - a real creative soul. Even in the space of three weeks your blog has become so diverse and polished - congratulations we are seeing so much of your talents!!! I shall be back to read some more of your poetry.

  17. Spent many childhood summers at the Jersey Shore.
    Love these photos!

  18. OH MY these pictures make me miss the ocean and the east coast


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